etsy spotted dog farm handmade resin jewelry


beautiful botanical bangles


This Etsy artisan hailing from Asheville, North Carolina preserves homegrown ferns and flora within handmade resin jewelry on her family owned and operated flower farm.

Sturdy and stylish statement pieces pair perfectly with those worn in much loved jeans or that little black number you found for Friday. These classic yet contemporary designs crafted with care are partnered with friendly customer service and fast shipping and handling. Tell them satisfied customers monkey and squirrel sent you!


squirrel's 'pretty in pink' pose' featuring etsy spotted dog farm's resin jewelry

squirrel’s ‘pretty in pink’ pose – october 13th, 2013
featuring etsy spotted dog farm’s resin jewelry



  • wide array of trinkets and treasures for various taste preferences

  • can’t find what you had in mind? – contact seller for customizations

  • accurate sizing; however to be sure of a perfect fit we recommend measuring the inner diameter of a bangle that slips over knuckles comfortably but is snug enough that it doesn’t slide off when hand is relaxed (might have to find out about freakishly large hand size the hard way if taken for granted.. on a brighter note, item exchange was pleasant and prompt)

  • economical options for the trendy but thrifty fashionista

  • great for gifting : pretty packaging for presentation



favorite feature : Clear resin setting never clashes and cleverly coordinates with other accessories, while organic palette within catches the eye immediately.


chief complaint : Would love to see more multicolored garden varieties *hint hint*. (No pun intended.)