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After hours of browsing Pinterest while avoiding the dishes piling up in the sink, you’re finally going to dust off that sewing machine you found at a garage sale eons ago, and use those Joann’s flyer coupons that keep winking at you from the coffee table whispering sweet nothings about forty percent off… Or maybe you just have extra time on your hands because your relationship with Netflix was getting a little intense and you’re taking a much needed break…

Whatever the case may be, you find yourself sewing pajamas in an adorable retro Star Wars fabric (which you couldn’t find any other plausible reason to purchase and is as good a place to get as any to get started).

Most major sewing brands offer numerous styles for various skill levels with straight forward easy to follow directions (please note: patterns catalogs are regularly updated and revised; the exact simplicity patterns listed below may or may not be currently available.)

Pattern sizing tends to be specific to brands and not exactly interchangeable with retail clothing so don’t rely on general categorization and take measurements. If your measurements fall in the upper ranges of a size you may want to select the next larger size, and leave yourself room for mistakes as you learn – Its easier to take garments ‘in’ rather than let them ‘out’.


this message was approved and brought to you by the council of 'my pjs are better than yours'

this message was approved and brought to you
by the council of ‘my pjs are better than yours’ – february 5th, 2013


– Simplicity ‘Two Hour’ #5314 : sleepwear pattern offers unisex drawstring pants/short bottoms with robe

– Simplicity ‘Easy to Sew #2739 : pattern includes misses’ style nightgown in three lengths, a pajamas option, and robe (this pattern requires some beyond basic beginner’s skills such as darts, gathering, pocket fabrication, and trim application)

– Simplicity ‘Woofy Wear by Wendy’ #3939 : pattern features four variations of the basic pet onesie (pet related patterns tend to be located in the craft section of the catalogs)


favorite feature: This is one of the few novice level sewing projects for fine tuning your skills (while you practice fundamental pattern following and get familiar with your machine) that won’t end up taking up space in the back of the closet until it finds it’s way into the salvation army donations. Many of the more stylish clothing patterns require more advanced techniques.

chief complaint: The unisex bottoms in this particular pattern didn’t include a slotted version for males or pockets; so be sure and look for these options for comfort.


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