snapseed app - cute circus review

‘ready and willing’ edited with snapseed app – june 29th, 2015


the go to photography app

for quick fixes or finishing touches


Snapseed is a solid application; whether your needs are for a single program to fix those moments that come out decidedly dark or oddly orange and can’t be recreated, or you happen to install every offering on its release date to tinker and collage with. Keep this app easily accessible and ready to use. Once you familiarize yourself with the platform, you’ll actually find yourself beginning to rely on it especially since with every update it simply keeps getting better.


Snapseed is not an app with three thousand filter and frame options to wade through that you’ll never even use. It is an easy to navigate yet powerful image editing tool with fundamental manual options that many applications despite all of their bells and whistles often overlook, and can be essential in achieving dynamic results.


  • straightforward and user friendly
  • no frills features that cover most needs and correct common errors
  • utilize as camera device or upload existing content for editing/enhancing
  • real time preview of applied effects available during editing mode
  • control intensity of applied effects with precision of sliding scales
  • option to save new file to photo library so original image remains separate and intact or to modify original to save space


favorite feature : Selective editing feature of small adjustable areas (brightness/contrast/saturation) with sliding tool bars for precise control over intensity of enhancements.


chief complaint : Would love to see future versions include tonal option to edit warmth/coolness of selective editing.